“Feminism is Cancer”

July 27, 2017 - Articles, Political
“Feminism is Cancer”

This tweet by the one and only Steve Shives prompted me to compile these examples.

If you ever do read this Steve, don’t throw stones in glass houses; especially when you have so many abusers within that house — people who actually call themselves feminists rather than having their labels inferred on them as you lot tend to do.

Video used in intro with kind permission:

The links unformatted can be found here:

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Updated 22/10/17: short space of time between this and the last update so I’ll leave the previous changelog here for now. I’ve added a link to Nick Monroe’s article on NeoGAF’s moderators under Goldberg’s and Malka’s names in the “Feminist Criminals/Predators” category. (

I’ve also corrected “Goldberg’s” name to “Christopher John Goldberg”.


Updated 21/10/17: added a few new examples to the section “feminist criminals”, and changed the name to “feminist criminals/predators”. These examples are the following:

I’ve also added a few general articles on male feminist predators below these new examples, as well as a brief paragraph on Aleksandr Kolpakov (SkepticFeminist host). This list will potentially be moved to a new page if more of these examples of male feminists’ manipulation surface, which, being a trend will undoubtedly happen.

Changelogs will after this one be attached to the bottom of this article.

Demonising/discriminating against men;

Feminists advocating against male victims of domestic violence getting help or funding:
“Men’s Domestic Violence Shelters Are a Misuse of Nonprofit Funding”: (

Feminists protesting cuts to DV charities, those cuts of which were made because those charities refused to equally cater to male victims (40% of DV victims in UK): ( (

Huge feminist backlash (including two government institutions in charge of women’s shelters) against report that men needed more help to tackle their on average poorer nutrition, higher addiction rates and higher risks of isolation: ( ( (

Feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrests and prosecutions resulting in many female batterers being let off: ( (

47% of male victims of domestic violence abuse are threatened with arrest, and 21% arrested: (

‘Feminist’ snow-plowing system brings Stockholm to a standstill, resulting in injuries: (

Feminist Initiative party have pushed a tax on men to pay for the costs of domestic violence against women: (

Prominent feminist Harriot Harman calls for discriminating against men: (

Previous “Equality” Minister and feminist Patricia Hewitt was found guilty breaching the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 by “overlooking a strong male candidate for a job in favour of a weaker female applicant”: (

Feminist MP Jess Phillips laughing at men’s issues:

York University’s Equality and Diversity Committee is more interested in the under-representation of women than men’s issues like male suicide, homelessness, homicide victims, domestic violence against men, etc: (

Feminists throw a hissy fit and get International Men’s Day — a day to raise awareness about men’s issues — shut down: (

Another feminist article claiming that men are insanely privileged and don’t need a day for their issues: (

Ryerson Student’s Union blocks men’s issues group: (

UN spouting frequently debunked statistics: (

6 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die: (

UN speech from feminists about mean words (examples of “you suck”, “you’re a liar”, etc.) online:

UN International Toilet Day in place of International Men’s Day: (

UN Women panelists smear a group of people who were abused at Vidcon:

UN claims that women need discrimination to achieve economic equality: (

Another prominent feminist calling for discrimination, in the form of shortlists for women: (

Feminist MP Jess Phillips says that Labour should ban all men from standing in by-elections: (

She was part of a discriminatory shortlist: (

Bahar Mustafa, a woman who banned white men from attending a meeting summonsed to court for posting “kill all white men” on social media: (

Feminists even pushed a petition to remove a men’s rights activist from the Women and Equalities Committee [totally equal name]:

NOW, one of the world’s biggest, oldest and most influential feminist organisations have also blockaded attempts for shared parenthood for both sexes for decades, whilst fellow feminists have sat on their thumbs doing nothing to stop them (the pages have been deleted, but are archived. Looks like they’re ashamed of their actions, and have swept these blatant examples of them fighting against equality underneath the rug rather than accept responsibility);

Filed a lawsuit in federal court against fatherhood programs in Alaska, Idaho and Oregon. The objective of these programs is to provide career counselling to fathers in three tough categories: incarcerated, military and fathers with disabled children. NOW has objected because women are excluded from these programs “solely because they are women.” (

Posted “action alerts” against shared parenting bills that would give fathers equal custody rights. (
These bills were designed to let men who suspected that they weren’t the father of a child to take a paternity test and be exempt from child support if the results showed that he was not the father.

Recent pushback in Florida of SB668 ( (
Unsurprisingly this bill was yet again, fiercely opposed by NOW and other women’s organizations.

Claimed, with no evidence, that Family court routinely give abusive fathers custody of the children. (

More examples of opposing shared parenting or joint custody in…
1981: (
1986: (
1997: (
1999: (attempted archive: *
2001: (
2005: (
2007: (
2009: (
2010: (
2012 had NOW opposing 6 father’s rights bills: (

* Article going over the 1999 example: (

President of NOW in Florida has even declared on record that NOW is opposed to shared parenting bills and also claimed that there is no benefit to children having equal time with their parents after divorces:

NOW has also lied numerous times about such bills. As we’ve spent a while on this, I’ll supply a good blog filled with examples instead: (

Feminists petition government to give more money to women, despite men suffering most during recession: (

In India and Israel, feminists rallied against women being included as potential perpetrators under the definition of rape: ( (

Dutch science academy holds women-only elections: (

Incredibly sexist government hotline that ignores male victims and female perpetrators: (

Ofsted calls for sexual and racial discrimination: (

Company Brainlabs admits that it discriminates financially against men, and the government denies any government petitions from being made about it:

More discrimination against men (ignore the horrible website design): ( (


Treating women as if they’re less able;

Standards being lowered for women: ( ( (

Clapping is too triggering for NUSwomen: ( (

Safe spaces stifle free speech: (

Safe spaces are used for control: (

Gender quotas: ( (

Swedish life expectancy: (

Worldwide life expectancies:

Swedish education rates:

Elliot Rogers was not an MRA, and the evidence of him being such is incredibly questionable. This is an example of feminist smearing which Bane goes over here:

Examples of this smearing (linking to archives, because I don’t want these liars getting clicks for smearing without evidence): (HuffPo) (TIME)


Feminist criminals/predators;

Matt Hickey, a feminist writer for TechCrunch, Gizmodo, CNET, Forbes, etc. is facing 3 rape charges: ( ( (

The same Matt Hickey was also sued by an attorney general for running a fake porn agency scam, where he tricked women into having sex with him: ( (

Juan Thompson, a feminist former writer for The Intercept calls in bomb threats to 8 Jewish community centers then blames it on his ex-partner: ( ( ( (

Feminist Devin Faraci accused by several women of sexual assault: ( ( — original tweets ( — a molester of women calling anti-SJWs an “anti-woman hate group” ( — “I believe you anti-SJW types are legitimately dangerous.”

Feminist Robert Marmolejo, a member of an organisation called Crash Override Network has been accused of rape by at least 20 women: ( (

Archived Twitter feed:

Related archived tweets: (credit where it’s due, some feminists rightfully called this creepy feminist out. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s great when it does)

Hayes’ video on UnseenPerfidy (fitting name) if interested:

Feminist Jamie Kilstein accused of sexually abusing women, and booted from podcast: (

Jian Ghomeshi

Feminist accused of rape: ( (

Tyler Malka (Evilore)

Admitted sexual assault (she asked him for a drink at a party, he bought it for her then he groped her ass): (

Surprise, he’s a feminist: (

This same Tyler Malka also helped to leak private nude photos of a rival forum member’s girlfriend (not linking to the original thread out of respect for this woman’s privacy + disgust): ( ( (

Rundown of NeoGAF’s moderation team (includes Tyler Malka):

Christopher John “many fetishes” Goldberg (caught with possession of child pornography)

Also known by his Twitter handle “Amir0x”, Christopher John Goldberg is a convicted paedophile who was arrested and charged in the summer of 2017 for possession of child porn. According to Pocono Record, Goldberg had 53 pornographic images of small children between the ages of 12 and 14 years of age on his phone, and additional images on his computer.

Articles on this: ( (

Surprise, he’s a feminist too: (

Rundown of NeoGAF’s moderation team (includes Christopher John Goldberg):

Shane Vader (downloaded and sent child pornography)

A feminist sex offender who creates films.

Was busted for child pornography: ( (
Proof of feminism: (
More proof of feminism (and anti-capitalism, wewlad): (
He’s also a socialist: (

Matt Myers (intimidated, threatened and sexually harassed a woman online)

Proof of feminism (also, feminism is a cancer. See the countless examples on this page and elsewhere): ( (
Listen and believe™: (

Ironic tweet by Matt (looking forward to your list showing anti-feminists doing even a fraction of the horrid things on this page that feminists have): ( (

It’s good to be skeptical of random Twitter accusations especially without proper evidence. Though if we’re to buy into the “Listen and Believe” mantra parroted by ideologues to gullible twits, we must also apply it to those very ideologues. Consistency.

Hugo Schwyzer (attempted to murder his ex-wife; had sex with his students; manipulated women)

A male feminist gender studies professor known for his high libido. Sleeps around with his students. Attempted to murder his ex.

His own blog entry on this, which was deleted but has been archived:

He also tried to edit this post without declaring the edit, to mislead readers. This is why his story is all over the place: (

The above archives also contains an admission of his sexual history with students.

Proof of feminism (“I belong to the “liberal” (rather than radical) feminist tradition.”):

Article on this: (

Hugo had sex with porn stars he met through his classes: (

Lockhart Steele (allegedly assaulted several women)

A feminist editorial director for Vox who advocates for “diversity” and “inclusiveness” allegedly sexually assaulted several women within the company. He was subsequently fired from Vox. (

Andy Signore (deluge of accusations of sexual assault and even attempted rape)

The feminist creator of Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies.

Article on this: (

More irony (if these allegations are true):

Proof of feminism: (
Strongly supported women-only screenings of Wonder Woman: (

Harvey Weinstein (very numerous accusations of sexual assault spanning decades)

A feminist producer who championed the importance of women’s representation and equal opportunities amongst other things. Recently allegations of a decades-long pattern of abusing and harassing women came to the public’s attention.

List of allegations against Weinstein:

Article acknowledging Weinstein’s feminism:

Michael Hafford (accused of numerous rapes)

Another VICE contributor who wrote a fair amount of feminist content for the websites is currently facing numerous rape and assault allegations.

Proof of Michael’s feminism & work at VICE:

Article on these rape allegations: (

Twitter pictures of abuse: (

Three other women sharing their stories of abuse: ( ( (

Kyle Payne (had child pornography, photographed and filmed an unconscious, intoxicated female student’s breast without consent)

Proof of feminism:

Article on his possession of child pornography: (

Article on photographing: (

Hart Noecker (accused of rape, sexual assault, manipulation and abuse by several women)

A professional feminist activist.

Articles on this: ( (

Ben Schoen (accused of harassing a woman on social media [at the very least was a weird obsession])

Co-founder of “Feminspire”: “an online publication featuring a global collection of female voices.” and

General creepiness (can’t take no for an answer):

Archived page of Feminspire”:

Article on this: (


General articles on male feminist predators: ( (


I’ve gotten a few messages asking why Aleksandr Kolpakov (SkepticFeminist) isn’t on this list. This man is indeed a feminist, but isn’t an abuser. This list is for feminists who use their positions/status as feminists to sexually manipulate others/rape/other more disgusting sexual things.

Judging by the article from Grand Junction Sentinel (, he was likely under the influence of drugs (a neighbor said tha Aleksandr was talking about poisoned mushrooms — magic mushrooms?). If true, this killing was likely not on purpose and instead the sad case of someone being careless enough to not lock their guns away before taking drugs (or not taking them in the first place). With this context in mind I haven’t added this example to the list (until now, I guess).

The criminals leading the women’s march;

Speakers/Leaders: ( (

Donna Hylton, convicted of second degree murder and two counts of first degree kidnapping March 12th 1986, she was an accessory in the horrific murder of Thomas Vigliarole who was starved, raped, burned, beaten and tortured: ( (oh no, a Wikipedia link — time to dismiss all this outright) (

Rasmea Yousef Odeh was convicted in 1970 of planting 4 bombs in Israel, 2 of which detonated killing two young men in a shop: ( ( ( ( ( (

Linda Sarsour wishing that she could remove women’s vaginas for disagreeing with her, including human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is a victim of FGM: (

Angela Davis corresponded with defendants in a court (she bought the guns used to kill the judge):

Women’s March praises Assata Shakur, a woman who killed a cop: ( ( (


Feminist Terrorism;

Definition used: (

National Encounter of Women feminists, harassing catholic feminists: (

San Juan protests, where feminists harassed, and assaulted catholics: ( (

Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist writer who wrote the SCUM manifesto demonising men, attempted to kill Andy Warhol:

Jane Alpert:

Mujeres Creando:

Erin Pizzey: (

Professor Suzanne Steinmetz from the University of Delaware, got death & bomb threats from feminists for publishing a study that disagreed with the feminist worldview. She also lost her job: (

Feminists send bomb threats and routinely harass two academics (Murray Straus and Richard Gelles) for a survey coming to the same conclusion: (

Burkina Faso’s Burkinabe Women’s Liberation Movement pushes tyrant into power, that tortures and executes anyone who disagrees with their worldview: (

Women’s Brigade of Weather Underground (marxist feminist group) bombs 2 buildings; Center for International Affairs at Harvard and the Offices of Department of Health and Human Services in San Francisco to celebrate women’s day: (

Rote Zora, a German militant feminist group terrorised West Germany by bombing over 45 buildings:

Restaurant La Male Bouffe vandalised by feminists: (

Maryam Rajavi, pushed feminist agendas in Iran & ordering the assassination of several high-level government officials + prison camps where people were tortured and raped: (

No Exit – Human Rights Abuses inside the MKO Camps:

Examples of feminists praising her:

Protein World receiving death, rape and bomb threats from feminists: (

Feminists dogpiled Protein World, fuelled by hitpieces from certain outlets: ( ( (

Cassie Jaye on the smear campaign waged by feminist blogger David Futrelle:

Feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young assaults a 16-year old girl, then states that she had a moral duty to attack said girl for violating her personal right to go to work and making her feel unsafe. All because of a pro-life sign: ( (

The local fraternity at Wesleyan University; Delta Kappa Epsilon, was ordered to start accepting women as members. They demanded that if this were the case, sororities on campus should be forced to accept men because equality. They filed a lawsuit against the college, to which feminists retaliated by vandalising and intimidating the fraternity house: ( ( (

Feminists intimidate and abuse scientist Matt Taylor to tears online, because of his T-shirt — after his team landed the first spacecraft on a comet: (

Feminists dogpile a critic for having an opinion about a movie: (


Feminist Influence;

UN introduces a “Feminist Accountability Framework” for its global development goals; specifically demands more feminists in high level UN positions: (though these are Tumblr links, they are heavily sourced and it’s a great blog. Give it a follow if interested) ( (

Unimportant issues;
Manspreading: ( (

Mansplaining: (

Manslamming: (

Sitting on the left side of a TV sofa = sexism: ( (

Feminists fighting against condoms because it gives men too many decisions over their reproduction: (

Feminist left-wing party wants to make urinating whilst standing illegal for men: (

Emoji are sexist: ( ( (note, the attention paid to _emoji_ by Google and other companies, but not to the important men’s issues bought up earlier in the video.)

Air-conditioning is sexist: (


Feminist protests, many against men’s rights;

“Misandry/man-hating doesn’t exist in feminism!”: ( (


Inconsistencies/general sliminess;

HuffPo admits that men’s suicide went up more then says that it went up “particularly for women”: ( (

Democrat in Maine laughs about white men’s suicide rates: (

Feminist whining about peoples’ “obsession” over her, whilst obsessing over a specific guy with a non-selfaware avatar: ( (



Anita (influential feminist) advocating for segregation in tweet: (

Huffington Post hypocrisy, bragging about having only women whilst accidentally showing off lack of diversity — something of which they mocked Republicans for: (

Somewhat influential feminist smearing a human rights group for men based on no proof, or with people who aren’t part of the group: ( ( (

Aside from this one, lone nut (by this logic, all the examples of rapists, pedophiles, molesters, etc. presented are a clear representation of feminists): (


Men’s issues;

Great compilation of statistics/studies concerning men: (

Automatic in-group bias towards women for both sexes: (

Suicide has gone up (2.9% for men, 1.8% for women): (

Men can’t be raped by women under UK law: (

Homeless men die 22 years earlier than the general population (for women, 17 years): (

Boys are falling behind in education: (

More examples of men’s issues: (

General Insanity;

Gloria Steinem compares porn to slavery:,5311941&hl=en (

Catherine MacKinnon: (

Andrea Dworkin:

Luce Irigaray claims that E=mc^2 is a sexed equation: ( (

Valerie Solanas: ( ( (

Bahar Mustafa: ( (

“Raise the Skirt”: (

Addendum; ( (

Please let me know if I missed anything. It’s about time that feminists started policing their movement, not letting these people continue to destroy lives. I shouldn’t have to justify this, but doing so would benefit your movement as well. There is a reason that most people don’t buy into the “actually, it’s about equality” shtick, and that’s because of your reputation. That’s because you lot routinely ignore the extremists in your movement doing serious harm to the lives of many.

You have an incentive to police these loonies, as that way you’d have less people questioning your movement’s ulterior motives. You’d be closer to achieving equality between the sexes. And you could even turn the movement around if you just stopped willfully ignoring these crazies amongst your ranks.

One more thing: do some unbiased research on your movement, and whenever someone makes a claim that sounds outlandish, research the matter. Don’t be lazy and take their word for it, even if it’s someone you trust. With such an influential movement, you have a moral obligation to be fully educated on the things that you talk about. Be honest, even the well-meaning parts of your movement don’t do this and they really should.

Or you can just accuse me of mansplaining of course, totally your call. But don’t get upset when even less people want to call themselves feminists because of the ineptitude of your movement. Ta ta.


2:20 – Campaigns to discriminate on the basis of sex/race
14:58 – Criminals within your movement (feminist molesters, feminist paedophiles, feminist terrorists, etc.)
32:05 – Intermission
33:06 – Infiltration into both government & academia (high school curricular, college, etc.) + influence
35:39 – Campaigns for incredibly unimportant issues
38:24 – Protests, many against men’s equality
44:32 – Inconsistencies, and general sliminess
54:39 – General Insanity
1:07:40 – Conclusion

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